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Double Trouble 1      video   I   Installation   I    2 min
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Video (14'), 2002 Video (2'), (Music: László Dubrovay).
Two videos projected on the two walls opposite each other in the Project Room of the Ludwig Museum. The protagonist of one of the videos is the artist herself, who sinks into a hypnotic dream with the help of a psychologist, another character in the video. In the dream, her diminished selves come into conflict with one another. The other video shows a street scene, the protagonist an old man gesticulating.
Exhibited: 2002 at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest; 2005 at the Videonight in Tirgu Mures
(RO) - night video projection in the framework of the ALTER_ NATIVE international short film festival - 74 Theatre; 2006 at the 2nd Videonight in Bucharest - night video projection in the framework of the Night of Museums - Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (RO).