Chilf Mária
Munkák Önéletrajz Kiállítások Katalógus Kapcsolat
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DENATURED - 1998< back
Denatured      metal, wood, tiles, plastic, water, lamp   I   Installation   I    480x300x220 cm
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A horizontal, welded iron structure of an organic form that is bordered by transparent plastic tubes looped with wires to the structure. The iron structure connects two, half-tiled columns of square base. The space between the two columns is
dominated by the shadow of the iron structure illuminated by two 1000 W strong spotlights. At the foot of one of the columns, a dotted ball is floating in a 1 m? basin.
Exhibited: 1998 in the exhibition, Under the Tulps' Sky (with Gábor Szörtsey), at the Kiscelli Museum in Budapest; 1999 in the exhibition, Rondo, at the Ludwig Museum Budapest - Museum of Contemporary Art; 2000 at the 2+1. Galeria U.A.P. in Cluj (with Sándor Antik and Gábor Szörtsey); 2000 as a part of the joint exhibition of Chilf and Szörtsey at the U.A.P. Palace of Culture in Targu-Mures (RO); 2001 in the exhibition, Connexion-Deconnexion at Art dans le ville in St. Étienne (F).