Chilf Mária
Munkák Önéletrajz Kiállítások Katalógus Kapcsolat
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Exhibition view€, Pigmentatio Mundi
Exhibition view€, Pigmentatio Mundi      C-print, watercolours, glass jar for preserved organisms, rubber gloves, test-tubes, glass slide, flyers, table, chairs   I   Installation   I    Variable dimensions
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The gallery providing the space for the exhibition is furnished as a waiting room of a surgery. The visitors entering the hall play the role of patients who learn about the discovery of a new bacteria. A Cprint of modified skin surfaces of the human body is hanging on the wall. The room is furnished with flyers piled up on a waiting room table, chairs, six watercolour paintings depicting the skin layers, just like illustrations in an anatomy book, and a jar for preserving organisms filled with water that contains test-tubes with the "available bacteria" in them. The illustrative introduction to the installation is a long, fictive report presented as a detailed communication of Reuters wire service about the parameters of the bacteria, means of proliferation and anticipated economic-social impact. The communication is written in journalistic style and provides a detailed report on each aspect of the story, while its coherence is sometimes interrupted with an expression or name that sound like nonsense.
Exhibited: 1999 at Galerie B52 in Berlin. The Cprint and the flyer in 2000 at the exhibition, Intuition, Innovation, Invention, at the Mûcsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest.
Exhibition view€, Pigmentatio Mundi