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Cím nélkül, 1994
Cím nélkül, 1994      Installation   I   dough, graphite, iron, folding screen   I    Variable dimensions
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"Path, a railway track made of pastry with graphite, divided into uneven sections with oily cast iron discs, squeezed and pressed deeply into the dough. The path emerges from behind a folding screen, or it leads there (graphite is a good conductor).

Two spaces are created: the bigger is the main room, the public one that is immediately visible; moreover, it is one of the central places of the Westend building. The other is a small, intimate, not immediately visible (hidden) room for a single person. The rooms are connected by these parallel, graphite-coated pastry-cables. In the small room, the end of the cable disappears under, or emerges from beneath, a vertical, television-like aquarium half-filled with water. From behind it, at the water level, candlelight of unidentifiable colour glimmers through a blue and orange vitro glass. A small altar. Energy centre? And a contraption on the rail track. A railway structure? Not really. Paraffin discs on holders, from which wire strings lead, like a drawing, into different pastry heaps placed there. The small paraffin swell on the spine of the structure looks like a railway embankment. The wire (perhaps electricity?) runs into or emerges from the pastry heaps. A cycle? Does the power come from the rear room or from the pastry heaps that mildew and petrify over the days? Is it the path that advances, or the structure on the path? The device connected with a wire to the pastry heaps refers to stability; at the same time, it implies motion, but we do not reach even the point of doubt. The path leads under the structure; it grows thinner and fades away, while indicating the direction like an arrow". (M. C. 1994)

Exhibited: 1994 at Budapest Gallery (I. vers.), in the exhibition called Budapest-Berlin, organised at Künstlerwerkstatt Bahnhof am Westend in Berlin.

Cím nélkül, 1994