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Duden Bildwörterbuch 1938
Duden Bildwörterbuch 1938      digital print   I   paper   I    30x40 cm
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Duden, improved, extended edition, 2014


Duden is the most important and widely-known comprehensive German dictionary ever written, basis of current grammatical spelling. Since its very first edition in 1880 the structural principle of further editions is tailored through a process of  permanent  revision, update, always monitoring timely linguistic circumstances. Duden Bildwörterbuch relies on picture dictionary traditions, and – like comprihensive dictionaries – new editions are created on  first revised edition basis.


This summer one of my art historian friends has shown me the 1938 edition of Duden Bildwörterbuch. Just one year prior to World War II the ideology to be felt in the presentation of everyday life notions and objects was quite shocking. The all-pervasive, high-standard thoroughly comprihensive dictionary has unveiled a skilfully manipulated pattern of its own era.

Through my work I would like to demonstrate the failure of the intended universal concept trying to face up to fake reality images fuelled by discriminative ideologies.


Jewish culture and religion has been completely ignored – treated as non-existant – by the above mentioned edition. 

This is the chapter I drew and placed onto the pages of  the 1938 edition of the dictionary.






Editing: Kata BALÁZS, Mária CHILF

Illustration: Mária CHILF

Proofreading: Kornélia KOLTAI, Péter VASADI

Translation: Albrecht FRIEDRICH, Lea HAADER

Layout: Kata MORAVSZKI


Special thanks to: Móna DÁNÉL, István MADÁCSY, Sári STENCZER, Anna SZIGHETY,

ELTE BTK Institute of Germanistics


Duden Bildwörterbuch 1938